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Streamline Fire Protection Ltd. is a fire protection service company offering service, installations, inspections and maintenance on fire protection systems and components for both residential and commercial customers locally in the Edmonton area and throughout the province of Alberta.

It’s estimated that a fire occurs as often as every 19 seconds.

Fires remain among the leading causes of death and devastating destruction for both residences and businesses.

It’s a fact that many businesses that burn down will never reopen their doors. Certainly anyone who’s ever been in a fire will attest to the fact that your life will never be the same afterwards.

Because fire protection and your safety is a priority to us, we’re available 24/7 to provide emergency service to our valued customers.

+1-780-591-4444 for 24 Hour Emergency Service

Therefore, fire protection is an important industry with many professional companies such as ours who are dedicated to providing the products and services to ensure that if you are ever faced with a fire, you will have all of the pro-active materials and equipment necessary to protect you, your home and your livelihood.



Should Your Sprinkler System Freeze or Become Damaged.

If a sprinkler system malfunctions due to frozen pipes or other damage and it is  discharging water, the following steps are critical:

•  Shut off the system’s Main Control valve to prevent further water damage. It is extremely important that your maintenance staff or other designated persons are trained to perform this procedure.

•  Contact your sprinkler maintenance company and local Fire Department  immediately.

•  Remove affected contents to an unaffected part of the property, if possible, to avoid unnecessary/further loss. However, do not attempt to enter an area that may be unstable or unsafe.

•  If a sprinkler pipe is still frozen, do not attempt to thaw it out by using a heat source or open flame. Contact your sprinkler maintenance company immediately.

•  If any pipes have frozen, make sure that the maintenance company examines the entire system for cracked fittings, split pipes, and leaking heads before  reconnecting it.

• Report the incident to your insurance broker as soon as possible.






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